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We help mothers and fathers to understand and cope with the disease of addiction


A nonprofit program established over 30 years ago, providing peer to peer support groups for parents coping with their children's addiction to alcohol or other drugs. Parents learn that changing their attitudes and responses to the addict may help in their child's recovery. We can guide you down the right path in a safe environment. 

We provide support and guidance, free weekly meetings to learn and talk about addiction, tools for coping, resources, and much more. 

We have a select few in-person meetings at the moment, with a larger selection on Zoom that meet every week.

Support & Guidance

30 years of experience to help guide and navigate you down the right path.

Free Weekly Meetings

Learn and talk about addiction through parent facilitated meetings.

Tools & Resources

Established network of treatment centers and tools to help your family. 




  Sara's Story

PSG (Parents Support Group) has been a total bastion of unconditional support as my husband and I have experienced the pain, terror, and yes some moments of joy from our addict son. No matter how bad or hard it has been to try different approaches to parenting and communication, I could always count on PSG to provide perspective and wisdom.  


PSG has also taught me to live more in the moment,  to take care of myself first (similar to putting on your own mask first while flying and then your children's) and most importantly never to give up hope. PSG's

philosophy has also helped with parenting non-addict children. At PSG meetings, everyone can relate to each other's tragedies and happiness without judgement as we go about our lives hoping and praying for the best while embracing strategies that could bring our child, us, and our extended families long term peace.

Josh's Story

We were at complete loss when we came to this group nine years ago. Life we were living was really not “life”. This new family reassured us, unfolded the disease process and showed different choices of actions. We got courage, confidence and smile and fun back in life because of this new family with leaders like Cheryl and Stephen. 


Our daughter resisted all treatments, relapsed immediately after every rehab, signed out of rehab center and was an angry, bullying person. It was hard to pull away all the support and leave her on the

streets, which we did. With this she improved, but not completely. The group has talent to understand and help with any kind of addiction related issues.  It is a close family where we can share our saga, get insight and compassion and direction. 

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